Recent Disaster Relief / Emergency Response

USAID Haiti – C&D Debris Site Management – Port Varreux Award: March 2010

In March 2010, PHS was contracted by USAID to establish the first and only Construction & Demolition (C&D) debris site management and debris reduction operations following EPA and US Army Corps of Engineers standards in Port Varreux, Haiti. PHS provided all management, security, labor and equipment necessary to maintain the site and fully operate the processing, sorting and reduction of earthquake rubble. The site received all C&D debris hauled by USAID partners involved in demolition contracts and Cash for Work programs. PHS hired and trained more than 300 laborers providing them with proper safety and protection gear using U.S. standards.

USAID Haiti - C&D Debris Site Management – Truitier Municipal Landfill – Award : June 2010

PHS in June 2010 executed a contract with USAID to establish a Construction & Demolition (C&D) debris management site on a secure and controlled 7-acre (approximately 2.8 hectares) section near the entrance to the Truitier waste disposal site, which otherwise remains a mostly uncontrolled (especially at night) waste dumping site. PHS as per contract mobilized to Truitier within a 48 hours' notice and implemented operational standards and safety measures similar to those instituted at Port Varreux.

USAID IRAQ - Community Stabilization Program (Sub to: IRD 2007-2009)

PHS is a sub-consultant to International Relief and Development (IRD - Website: on a CSP/USAID project in Iraq. The Community Stabilization Program in Iraq is a USAID-funded program designed to focus local energies toward productive economic and social opportunities and away from insurgency activities. It is a new initiative to jump start economic development and create jobs in targeted areas.

US Department of Defense (DoD) DoD – LOGCAP Contract - Emergency Response – Sub to KBR – Brown & Root in 1994-95 in Haiti during the US military intervention.

PHS (f/k/a C2M) was a subcontractor to Brown & Root under the DOD - LOGCAP Contract. PHS mobilized in under 72 hours and dispatched over125 longshoremen from Miami, FL to the port of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The staff augmentation was a response to an emergency situation and the personnel provided were responsible for loading and unloading military ships docked in Haiti. Sections of the port of Port-au-Prince were turned into a military base / facility, and employees lived on this site. Additionally, PHS was responsible for processing medical records, logistics, and document control for this aspect of the operation.